Fewer previous lovers make happier wives

woman_standing_proud_1600_wht_5402-2American women who had fewer sexual partners before they got married turn out to have happier marriages.

That’s according to researchers from the National Marriage Project at Virginia University in the USA.

More than half  (53%) of the wives who had only slept with their future husband felt highly satisfied in their marriages compared to 42% of those who had had pre-marital sex with two partners and only 22% of this who had had 10 or more previous sexual partners.

The Marriage Charity Foundation said it raised questions about the myth of the sexual revolution but cautioned about drawing conclusions from a small sample adding that they found it astonishing that a quarter of the young wives had had 10 or more previous partners.

These women must have bought into the sexual revolution thinking that you can sleep with whomever you like and then settle down as if nothing had happened. It turns out you can’t.

The psychologist who co-authored the report, Professor Galena Rhoades from Denver University thought that those who had had multiple partners before marriage might find it harder to remain committed to their louse because they were more aware of the alternatives.

She also said that many in the YOLO (You Only Live Once) generation “believe what happens while we’re young won’t affect your future. Our research paints a different picture”. (The same could be said about entries on Facebook which come back to haunt people later in life).

The study tracked almost 1,300 unmarried men and women aged 18-34 for five years. During that time over 400 got married and of these only 23% had only had sex with the person they married. So that’s an interesting statistic which seem to follow a normal distribution i.e. at one end you have between a fifth and a quarter of women who have only had sex with their husband and at the other end of the scale about the same proportion who have had sex with 10 or more partners b before marriage. So the middle 50% of people had between 2 and 9 sexual partners.

In case you are wondering about the men. There was no evidence that the number of partners they slept with before getting married had any affect on their level of happiness in marriage.