Don’t buy Kinder eggs

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p1ceu1nzkbumc2itd4-czh7lrblwouulhndll_qzbmve5cwdwmlxzvickigkhdbqhsn5-sgs129It turns out that the toys inside the Kinder chocolate eggs are made by child labour in Romania according to an investigation by the Sunnewspaper.

Families in this, one of the poorest of the EU countries are being paid as little as 20p an hour for making the toys at home.

Child exploitation is not new in Romania. It is probably as famous for sending gangs of child pickpockets to the UK as it is for being the home of Vlad the Impaler.

Apart from the child exploitation experts say there is also a risk of food poisoning if the toys have been assembled in unsanitary conditions.

A whistleblower said “Customers would expect products which go inside children’s chocolates to be made in controlled conditions but so many of the toys are being made in peoples homes that effective quality control is impossible”.

Ferrero (the Italian chocolatier that makes…

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Vacationing in Historic Romania

More to it than vampires….

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Vacationing To Historic Romania

For some, it’s easy to think of Romania as nothing but fortresses and strongholds commanding the tops of the darkly forested Carpathian Mountains, with ties to infamous tyrants and vampires. Far from being a one-note country, Romania is a land of rich landscapes and history. The country is fairly well divided equally between lowlands and mountainous, hilly regions, which are well looked after and offer up a variety of wildlife and opportunities for travel.

Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, Timisoara, Romania.

One of the most visited areas of Romania is the coast of the Black Sea. And sitting like glittering jewels on the Black Sea, the cities of Constanta and Mamaia make up part of what is often referred to as the Romanian Riviera, with  Mangalia, Saturn, Venus, Neptun, Olimp rounding out the list. Being two of the most important cities in Romania, just behind Bucharest, Constanta and Mamaia are well-developed and travel friendly. Resorts line the…

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