Ban all school sports and activities!

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6a70e2e9d08e80a6b22ef252481243e9277b14a6645a494f6083e58ecd0477aa_large.jpegMore than 70 doctors and academics are calling for a ban on tackling in rugby matches played in UK and Irish schools. In an open letter to ministers, they say injuries from this “high-impact collision sport” can have lifelong consequences for children.

They argue two thirds of injuries in youth rugby and most concussions are down to tackles and urge schools to move to touch and non-contact rugby. Supporters say rugby builds character and other forms are less challenging.


In the light of the above proposal the Government have decided that from January 2017 the other following sports and school activities will be banned:-

Marbles – danger of flying glass and kids slipping on the marbles

Conkers – danger of flying bits of conker that could easily blind a child

Hop Scotch – intense pressure in hip bone from hopping motion will create long term hip damage which will require complete hip…

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Sugar ‘n’ Spice v Slugs ‘n’ Snails

And the girls are winning according to research at the University of Kent.

Girls as young as 4 believe they are cleverer than boys and better behaved.

Boys try and stick up for themselves but by the age of 8 they have accepted defeat.

They accept that they are naughtier, less able to focus and not as good with their schoolwork. And what’s worse is that adults reinforce these beliefs. With those kind of expectations what chance have boys got?

The way children are taught has been blames by some experts with the emphasis on collaboration and the removal of competition alongside the risk-avoidance, health & safety culture. It’s not very PC to suggest that boys and girls are actually different and most boys would rather be chasing around being adventurous than sitting quietly and sharing.

I’ve posted before about the princess syndrome Princess on board” and parents only have themselves to blame for that aspect. Praising kids for anything they do can turn them into little egotistical monsters who run the risk of growing up to be narcissistic adults who believe everything is about them.

And teachers can be a problem too. For a start there aren’t enough male teachers in primary schools to be role models – almost 30% of primary schools have no male teachers and in nursery education it’s even worse. There are only 44 male nursery teachers teaching under-5s in this country. (Men are scared away by being thought of as paedophiles).

So with an increasing number of lone parent families and no male teachers many children are brought up without male role models. They can’t even turn to fantasy figures any more as these are seen as sociopathic and violent (see “Sexist superheroes”).

No wonder that many boys give up and underachieve – even the ones who get to university. And the current recession is only making things worse for them (see gloom for male graduates”).

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Only emotionally intelligent teachers need apply!

Would-be teachers need “emotional intelligence” (EI) as well as academic ability according to the education secretary Michael Gove.

Gove also said that  there are academically bright people who “can’t teach for toffee”.

Then there are some who “aren’t the brightest but have the EI and spark to engage a classroom”.

The government previously said that teachers should only be drawn from the top-tier  with no funding for 3rd class graduates. And isn’t it only right that teachers who are responsible for developing EI in schools should be emotionally literate themselves?

The government is planning a shakeup of teacher training with more emphasis on learning in the classroom (the end of “death by Powerpoint” training). The teachers and lecturers’ union ATL is against it as they don’t believe teaching is a craft but a profession which requires a strong theoretical base before classroom teaching starts.

Gove also intends to reform Ofsted (the source of the idea that all schools should have a rubbish teacher. See: “Every school should have one”). Ofsted will no longer assess schools on equality, community cohesion, and children’s spiritual development. The inspections will be limited to 4 key areas: teaching standards, leadership, pupil behaviour, and achievement.

The changes will be brought in next year and mean  that Ofsted will no longer spend time on the peripheral, some might argue politically correct,  issues introduced by the Labour government and schools will no longer be rated on them.

As Gove says; “we need to refocus inspection on the principal purpose of schools improving teaching“.

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Gender-free upbringing

is what a Canadian couple, David Stocker & Kathy Witterick, is attempting to do with their 4-month old child which they have called Storm.

They decided not to reveal the sex of the child, even to grandparents, as a “tribute to freedom and choice…a stand up to what the world could become in Storm’s life-time”

This, as you can imagine, created a storm in a teacup and people then started questioning how they brought up their two other children 5-year old Jazz and two-year old Kio.

They are boys by the way but you wouldn’t know from looking at them as they wear their hair long and the older boy wears pink dresses, nail varnish and sparkly ear studs. Most people assume they are girls and the parents don’t correct that assumption.

The parents believe they are giving their children the freedom to choose who they want to be unconstrained by social norms about gender. Critics say they are imposing their own ideology on their children and setting them up to be bullied.

Well they won’t be bullied at school because they won’t be going. The parents practise unschooling which is based on the idea that learning should be driven by a child’s curiosity so the kids decide what they want to do each day. It seems that the older boy doesn’t want to go to school because people ask about his gender, choice of clothes or hairstyle. The parents deny they are responsible for that and blame the way things are.

I posted on this topic last December about liberal UK parents who home-schooled and wanted to bring up their androgynously-named and ambiguous looking children without gender stereotypes and wondered if it was just a social engineering experiment.

This one certainly is and there are psychologists such as California-based (where else you might ask?) Diane Ehrensaft who wrote a guide for parents of nonconforming children including “girlyboys”. She calls such children gender creative which includes transgendered and gender hybrids but believes gender is innate. Even she worries that Storm’s parents are denying their child a way to position itself on a male-female continuum.

In Toronto, where this family live, Dr Ken Zucker is head of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and head of the gender identity service. He calls it a “social experiment of nature” and says that even making no choice is a choice and only time will tell how it affects the child.

PS Is Canada particularly politically correct? I ask because when I was on a summer school abroad a while back one of the delegates who was Canadian told a couple of us off when we referred to the waitress and said we should have said “server” – which sounds like a thing for dishing out salad.