Christmas arrives in Hebden Bridge……in June!

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Anyone who has followed my blog will remember the one about the floods in West Yorkshire and which featured the above distressing image of the devastation of the floods. It was at Christmas time and for whole communities their priority was getting through the chaos caused by the floodwaters, seasonal festivities were the last thing on their minds.

Well, people in Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd and Cragg Vale are now celebrating “the Christmas that never was”, six months after flooding devastated the area. Thousands of homes and businesses in the region were damaged when Storm Eva battered the north of England during December’s floods.


Organisers said it was an opportunity for the whole community to have a proper party.
The event features six snow machines and Christmas trees. There was also a surprise guest at the celebrations

There was also a Christmas lunch for volunteers who helped when the floods hit, with an…

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The wisdom of children……….

Kindadukish's Blog - I am not a number, I am a free man (The Prisoner)

What is it about young children that they are able to see the world in a very different way than adults. They have that capacity to cut through the crap and intellectual drivel spouted by their so called elders and betters.

Anyway, I offer you the following and I am indebted to Psyvirtual on Facebook for the original posting.


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Chester City Council have complete humour bypass……………………….

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A council has removed a series of amusing plaques that had been added to park benches, claiming people could be offended by them.

The plaques began appearing around Chester and were put up by a group of street artists who said they had added them “in good grace” and “for the residents and visitors of Chester to enjoy while they can”.

One of the bench plaques read: “This bench is dedicated to the men who lost the will to live whilst following their partners around the shoe shops of Chester.”

Another read: “This bench is reserved for the young, beautiful and affluent. If you are old, ugly or poor please sit elsewhere.”

The signs were put up in a bid to raise awareness over council plans to introduce a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), which is being proposed to combat anti-social behaviour in the city.

Among other plaques was one…

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Bullied children using ‘wrong jokes’

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Children who use self-deprecating humour among their peers are more likely to be bullied, researchers say.

A study from the University of Keele has examined links between bullying and different styles of playground humour.

It found that some positive types of humour were used by children to raise their status and show social skills.


But researchers found children who were victims of bullying were more likely to make “self-defeating” jokes at their own expense or about their appearance.

The boundaries between bullying and teasing and “just joking” have always been blurred, but this study of more than 1,200 children aged 11 to 13, has examined how different forms of humour are associated with bullying and aggression.

‘Class clown’

Psychologist Dr Claire Fox says that humour can be deployed positively as a weapon to prevent bullying.

She says the “class clown” can be a classroom success, demonstrating their “social competence” by…

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It’s no fun being 50

Grumpy at 50! This is no laughing matter.

The truth is the older you get – the less you laugh, and 52 seems to be the watershed.

Researchers at Glamorgan University found that children laugh 300 times a day.

This drops to 6 times a day when we become teenagers, and 4 times a day when we reach our twenties.

Having children means 30-somethings raise their laughter levels to 5 times a day but by age 50 we only laugh 3 times a day and by age 65 just 2.5 times a day.

And over-50s complain more writing twice as many letters of complaint than people in their 20s, and are more likely to row with their neighbours. They also worry more, typically about money and health.

And apparently we are useless at telling jokes with 1 in 7 saying they have never told a joke and a third of people saying they haven’t told a joke in the last year.

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