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It’s no fun being 50

Grumpy at 50! This is no laughing matter.

The truth is the older you get – the less you laugh, and 52 seems to be the watershed.

Researchers at Glamorgan University found that children laugh 300 times a day.

This drops to 6 times a day when we become teenagers, and 4 times a day when we reach our twenties.

Having children means 30-somethings raise their laughter levels to 5 times a day but by age 50 we only laugh 3 times a day and by age 65 just 2.5 times a day.

And over-50s complain more writing twice as many letters of complaint than people in their 20s, and are more likely to row with their neighbours. They also worry more, typically about money and health.

And apparently we are useless at telling jokes with 1 in 7 saying they have never told a joke and a third of people saying they haven’t told a joke in the last year.

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