Robin a regular visitor

Whenever there is work to be done in the garden our feathered friend shows up, hoping to be fed.p1030927

Alien invasion?

P1030612P1030614P1030616We arrived back at the house on Friday afternoon to find a swirling mass of white blowing around the garden and settling inches deep everywhere.

It was blowing into the car and into the house. At first we thought it was dandelions causing the problem but couldn’t understand why our neighbours were unaffected.

We tried to hoover it up with a garden tool but I found a quicker way was to set fire to it. The flames spread quickly before dying out.P1030617

After a bit of detective work my partner realised it was the catkins on the tree that was creating the problem!P1030620


Rescuing a Hedgehog

It was about 10pm and I realised we hadn’t enough milk for breakfast so I went out to my car to drive to the local 24 hour shop.

As I walked to my car the external house lights came on and I heard a strange knocking sound coming from behind the cars.

As I gingerly walked round them an alien creature popped out from under one of them.

It looked like something out of a kids programme with a plastic nose cone bobbing up and down and making the noise as it hit the cobbles.

P1010515Then I realised it was a hedgehog with its head stuck in a plastic drinks carton.

I gently pulled the carton off and the hedgehog was gone in a flash. I then spent 5 minutes with a torch looking under the cars to see where it had gone as I didn’t want to turn it into roadkill when I’d just rescued it.

Seeing no sign of it I reversed out and went to buy my milk taking similar care on the way back.

When I looked up hedgehogs on the internet getting their heads stuck in tins and cartons is a common danger – another example of how we damage the environment when we drop litter.

And hedgehogs are considered to be the gardeners’ friend so be careful where you put your slug pellets!