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Violent offences and sex attacks, increased alcohol consumption and partner abuse, have all increased dramatically for women.

Gone are the days of ladylike behaviour. Increasingly women are copying the worst behaviours of men. They are just as likely as men to troll partners online; they are swearing more than men (who have cut down); and drinking more than ever before.

Teenage girls in the UK are twice more likely than boys to get drunk than almost anywhere else in Europe where it is the other way round. They are also more likely to be drink-driving than men from the age of 30 with a doubling of the number of women convicted for it since 1998.

figure_behind_bars_anim_500_wht_3524There are currently almost a hundred women in prison for violent behaviour, up a third, and over a hundred serving time for serious sexual offences, three times the number, compared to ten years ago.


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Texting while driving worse than being drunk

texting_while_driving_accident_1600_wht_7651Using mobile phones whilst driving is a menace to other road users.

The latest research from the Transport Research Laboratory, reported in the Sunday Times, showed that a driver’s reaction time slowed by 46% when making a call on a hand-held mobile, by 37% when texting and by 27% using a hands-free phone.

For drivers on the drink-drive limit of 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood reactions times were reduced by 13% and for those using cannabis 21%.

And according to an RAC poll 50% of drivers aged 18-24 texted while driving.

Even “Mr Loophole” lawyer Nick Freeman says “impose a one-year ban and that would solve the problem”

So over to the government which is rightly considering increasing the penalties for this anti-social behaviour.