A quick trip to Hebden Bridge

P1030556A few weekends ago we visited Hebden Bridge, a small market town not far from Halifax and Rochdale in the Upper Calder Valley.

An old industrial mill town more famous of late for its bohemian character due to people with arts and crafts skills settling there and also for being the lesbian capital of England.

We travelled by train from Burnley, a mere 18 minute journey, and at times we were high above the houses at ground level.P1030544


As we walked into the town centre we crossed the Rochdale canal, a 32 mile stretch which runs from Manchester to Sowerby Bridge and which was re-opened in 2002.P1030550 P1030546 P1030545

Seeing the railway and the canal makes you realise what feats of engineering our  forefathers carried out at the start of the Napoleonic Wars as the canal also passes high over the Pennine Moors rather than having tunnels (92 locks instead which were cheaper).

Crossing the town centre by the river we met a couple of the local residents by a fine stone bridge before making our way to our rendezvous in a local pub.P1030549 P1030548

Hebden Bridge suffered badly from the floods earlier in the year as my colleague kindadukish has blogged. There are still signs of the flood damage with several shops displaying notices thanking customers for their loyalty and patience and asserting that they will be back!

On our way back to the railway station via the park and play area it was noticeable just how the town is surrounded by hills providing a wonderful backdrop.P1030552 P1030551


We finally arrived back at the railway station, originally built in 1893 and renovated in 1997, from which people were travelling to Manchester for a night on the town judging by their attire.P1030557

It was always the case. When the station opened in the mid 19c there were regular trains from Manchester to Leeds every day.

But we were heading back to East Lancashire vowing we would be returning in the very near future.



bohemian venice beach, california

nomad, interrupted

Saturday, January 4: Venice Beach in Los Angeles is a beachfront neighborhood of mist and muscles, bikinis and tattoos, piercings, surfboards, sunglasses, funnel cakes, pizza, hot dogs, exuberant street art, and medical marijuana. It’s gritty, energetic and a little chaotic, even before noon.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVenice began as a seaside resort town in 1905; it was a separate city until 1926, when it merged with Los Angeles.  Today Venice is known for its canals, beaches and its eccentric Ocean Front Walk, a 2 1/2 mile pedestrian-only boardwalk that features performers, vendors, artists, fortune-tellers and the acrobats and body-builders of Muscle Beach (Wikipedia: Venice, Los Angeles).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVenice Beach is a combination of the tacky, the mindless, the ironic, and the novel.  ~ Freelance Dionysian

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUnique among the world’s Bohemias. ~ Gordon J. Hazlitt


As we stroll down the boardwalk, we’re approached by men of various colors offering copies of their…

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