What will schools ban next?

female_coach_with_whistle_1600_clr_8518News that a school in Milton Keyes has banned the use of a whistle to signal the end of playtime makes me despair.

Apparently the school thinks that a whistle  is “too aggressive” and could leave the children “afraid of noise”.

Last time I went past a school playground there was plenty of noise.

The alternative is for the teacher to raise a hand. As if the children are all going to be looking in the same direction. And if there’s an emergency?

We are in danger of bringing up a generation of risk-averse children who will be frightened of their own shadows.

Statins making women more aggressive!

stick_figure_sitting_on_pills_1600_wht_13337Statins, hailed as the wonder drug all of us should be given after a certain age, and designed to reduce our cholesterol levels, have been found to have some unwelcome side effects.

Scientists have found that women over 45, who haven’t previously shown any inclination to be violent, tend to be more aggressive when taking statins.

According to Professor Beatrice Golomb at the University of California said “Many studies have like low cholesterol to increased risk of violent actions ands death from violence” (whether suicide ,accident or homicide).

Her team carried out trials on 1,000 men and post-menopausal women. Those who struggled to get to sleep appeared to be the ones at most risk of a surge in aggression.

While a few men became more aggressive, generally statins seem to make men less angry, particularly younger men (who tend to be more aggressive anyway).

The greater the drop in testosterone for those on the statin simvastatin the greater the drop in aggression on average.

A greater rise in sleep problems for those on it was significantly linked to a greater rise in aggression.

So if you’re a post-menopausal women taking statins and having trouble sleeping – you may be more prone to violent outbursts. Partners beware!

Sexist Superheroes not good role models

Saving the world is not enough.

Superheroes are poor role models says a Professor of Mental Health at The University of Massachusetts – speaking at an American Psychological Association symposium on masculinity and boyhood.

Sharon Lamb says people can look up to Superman and Spiderman as “real people with real problems” (sometimes I wonder about fellow psychologists).

Iron Man and Batman however, who originally fought criminals, are now portrayed as; “sexist, aggressive sociopaths gorging on non-stop violence”.

She says that they don’t teach boys about love as that seems to be the superheroes only weakness.

The alternative seems to be a slacker lifestyle and neither provide good role models for boys.

Batman was always my favourite but thinking about that “dark knight” stuff maybe she has a point. Now what about Wonder Woman?