Burnley town centre regeneration

People in Burnley have had to put up with construction work in the town centre for months now, if not longer (the barriers seem to have been there forever hampering pedestrians getting to the shops).p1030925-1

It’s part of a £3 million pound revamp funded by Burnley and Lancashire County Councils and “aims to make the pedestrianised area of St James Street, between Hammerton Street and Hall St, much more attractive and provide a better shopping experience for shoppers, visitors, businesses and anyone who lives and works in the town.”

The work includes new paving, new “wave” benches and decorative lighting, replacing the existing trees with other mature ones, removing the bandstand (possibly to a park) and replacing it with a revised ”town square” area for future events such as food markets and other activities. There will be access for delivery vehicles at selected points.p1030923-1

The plan has had a mixed reception although probably favourable overall.

But if they want to attract visitors, shoppers and businesses why don’t they just provide free parking? Think of all the money they’d save on enforcement staff.

And while they’re at it what about getting into the 21c and providing free wi-fi in the town centre?

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