Turn off canned music in pubs!

cropped-cnv00039.jpgFollowing this week’s reporting of restaurants being too noisy the Good Pub Guide is recommending that pubs turn off canned music.

The editor of the guide said “We get more complaints about background music in pubs than we do about almost anything else, many pub customers absolutely loathe it

Customers have said “at best it’s bad manners foisting a random choice of music on you, at worst it interferes with people’s hearing” a point made by the campaigners against noisy restaurants.

Another customer said “Somewhere in the past someone persuaded publicans that canned music relaxes customers and encourages them to spend more. It doesn’t” (That’s not strictly true because music does influence spending patterns).

Apparently customers have been complaining about music in pubs since the guide was first launched 35 years ago. “Pubs should be aware of how strongly huge numbers of the public feel about it. Surely it’s time for all publicans to take note and turn it off”.

As far as I know Wetherspoon’s pubs is the only chain which doesn’t have canned music.

One publican thought it was just a middle-class grey-haired aversion to music in pubs. Well who spends the money mine host?


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