Not train-spotting in Rawtenstall

Just happened to be there for numerous reasons, car boot sale, pub lunch and a walk by the river.

But there were all these trains, including steam trains, in and out of Rawtenstall station every few minutes it seemed.P1030858P1030857

The first one was a steam train, then I saw one with the name Onslaught on the side. It seemed an aggressive name for a train so I did a search on the internet.

It was a so-called “warship class” 832 diesel-hydraulic which were named after naval vessels. It was introduced in February 1961 and withdrawn from service in December 1972 but obviously well-preserved.


P1030861The original ones were powered by German Maybach designed engines made under licence at Bristol-Siddley. I came across Maybach engineering at the Zeppelin museum in Friedrichshafen a few years ago where there was a beautiful preserved top-of-the-line Maybach car.

As I said we’d been for a walk by the River Orwell, which was in full spate.



On the way back i tried to catch the trains as they crossed the river. Not an easy task with such a short window and judging the timing by the sound of the train.

I’m not a train-spotter by any means but it was an interesting afternoon and I learned a bit about our railway history.



2 thoughts on “Not train-spotting in Rawtenstall

  1. kindadukish says:

    Mr G, you have finally seen sense and joined our exclusive little club, excellent shots of the trains by the way, love the one you caught crossing the bridge, you must let me know where that is.

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