Children at play…….shock, horror as they are taking risks!

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In the last year or so I have penned a number of blogs about the way parents wrap their children in cotton wool and create a cocoon of safety around them on the grounds of “keeping them safe.” They are not allowed to play in the open air as they may get some dirt on themselves and be exposed to germs or contract some mythical life threatening disease.

The attitude of schools is compounding this problem by banning such games as football in the playground, conkers, throwing snowballs or just running around if the playground is wet. We are creating a generation of unfit, overindulged and self – centred individuals who, by the time they reach adulthood are often incapable of doing even the simplest thing for themselves (talk to any Student Support Officer in a British University and you will find out what I mean).

DSC_0380.jpg The climbing tower in Keswick

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