Bananas – we love ’em but waste a lot

P1030766Bananas are the UK’s most popular health snack with 80% saying they like them,

We each eat three a week on average or 12kg a year and 20% of us eat one every day.

However we also throw away 160 million of them according to a survey by Sainsbury’s – enough to stretch from the UK to New Zealand.

One in three of us throw a banana away if it has the slightest blemish or black mark.

Someone wrote to the Times bout this saying that they got bruised because supermarkets store them the wrong way. They put them on the shelves “canoe” style rather than like an arch or hanging them which makes them bruise more easily.

Food waste is worse than packaging waste as it produces methane, which is more likely to cause global warning than carbon dioxide.

In total there may be £1 billion of food thrown away each year.

Sainsbury’s is trying out a series of initiatives to reduce food waste including making banana bread in its in-house bakeries using fruit at or past its sell-by date.

And it’s investing £1 million in its Swadlincote store to make it the official test-bed of ideas to cut waste.

Another supermarket, Tesco, which is the only one to publish annual figures on food waste, said its food waste had actually increased last year to the equivalent of one in a hundred food products being wasted.

Several stores have initiatives to reduce food waste including selling mis-shapen vegetables and donating to food banks.



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