Shah Jalal masjid dominates Burnley skyline

Ten years in the building this mosque and madrassa dominates the skyline near the Asda store in Burnley. The £100,000 one tonne white dome was lifted into place in 2014.

P1030729 P1030730

P1030731 (1)The Shah Jalal Masjid Mosque and Burnley Islamic Cultural Centre has cost £2m so far and the new minaret, which was paid for by the community, marked the completion of external work on the mosque withy plans for a further £500,000 to decorate the interior.

Mozaquir Ali, a former Burnley councillor and project coordinator, said it was a symbolic moment for the project which has been planned as early as 1993.

He said: “It was a brilliant day. People turned up to see how it was going. The community is very pleased about it – it has now completed the four domes and the building is now weather tight from the outside.

“it has been a decade of hard work and financial support from the community in Daneshouse which is stricken with unemployment.

“It is a fantastic project which will be a landmark for Burnley and an iconic building not just for Muslims but the community as a whole can be proud of.

The mosque is one of 13 in Burnley and probably the biggest. I don’t know if any non-muslims use the cultural centre as it’s also a madrassa or Islamic religious school which tend not to encourage outsiders.

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