Lateness is a form of insanity……no it isn’t, it is a sign of lack of respect!

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DSC_0043.jpgPeople who are constantly late may be suffering from a form of insanity, a science writer has claimed. Those who are chronically tardy to engagements struggle with how they view time and may have a ‘bizarre compulsion to defeat themselves’ by making plans that they know they cannot keep, according Tim Urban. And he has even created an acronym to describe those people he believes are suffering from the lateness compulsion: Clips, or chronically late insane people.

Being annoyed by a chronically late friend is a common grumble, but one scientist has claimed that those who are never on times for engagements could actually be suffering from a form of insanity.

The science writer claims there are three reasons why Clips are late so often: some are in denial about how time works, some ‘have an aversion to changing circumstances’ and some individuals are ‘mad’ at themselves.

While most…

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