University of East Anglia is daftest campus in UK

graduation_hat_tassel_flip_anim_500_wht_14455And not in a good way. The students there have already banned Tate & Lyle sugar from the campus shop, blocked six nations rugby being screened in the union bar, boycotted Starbucks and Nestlé, banned the sale of red-top newspapers (page 3), stopped sombreros being given out (cultural appropriation), and tried to ban UKIP from speaking there as it would make students feel less safe and secure.

I understand some of this e.g. companies who avoid paying tax or discourage breast-feeding in poor countries (I boycott Nestlé products myself for that reason).

Fossil fuel extraction and global warming is  matter of opinion and I’m for anything Emma Thompson and her luvvie friends are against on principle.

The university has provided day-time sleeping berths for hungover students. Why, you might ask.

And their latest idea? Asking students not to throw their mortar boards in the air on graduation photos in case anyone gets hurt. Students can however pay £8 to have airborne mortar boards photoshopped onto their photographs.

A university ranking on free speech by Spiked,an online magazine, gave UEA its worst rating because of the unions’ economic boycott of Israel and banning of stereotyping jokes and offensive leaflets.

UEA is fast becoming one of the daftest campuses in the country. The campus authorities have become peculiarly obsessed with censorship, health & safety, and hats.It shows how managed, regulated and controlled our universities are today

To be fair (and when I attended UEA for some Summer schools it seemed a nice place to study and is still popular with students) other universities’ student unions are just as bad.

Edinburgh won’t allow heckling, laughing, clapping or hand gestures that denote disagreement to save presenters’ feelings. Poor things.

Northumbria has banned fancy dress costumes which mock religion, are sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or offensive to disabled people. So no Tarts & Vicars parties then I assume.

Students at the London School of Economics tried to set up a free speech society which faced a motion (not carried) to ban it before it even met.

Swansea University banned pole dancing classes because it’s “inextricably linked to the multi-million pound sex industry“. On a related subject didn’t I read that many female students were working in the sex industry or seeking sugar daddies to pay their way through university?

And this one must take the biscuit. Lesbian and transgender groups passed a NUS conference motion saying gay men were not oppressed and didn’t need representation in LGBT student societies!

This post is about the wacky stuff but there are serious issues with free speech at universities as I’ve posted elsewhere and its getting worse.


3 thoughts on “University of East Anglia is daftest campus in UK

  1. kindadukish says:

    My, some of these buggers are in for a rude awakening when they enter the real world

  2. […] from someone from the university sector for a long time. At the moment it all seems to be about safeguarding, safe spaces and no-platform […]

  3. mikethepsych says:

    Reblogged this on Mike the Psych's Blog.

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