Labas Burnley – a taste of Lithuania in Lancashire

P1030610A new Lithuanian restaurant has opened in Burnley, Lancashire – Baltic Homelands.P1030606

P1030609I read about it in a magazine when I was in another cosmopolitan restaurant in town, the Portuguese one called Bobbins.

As regular visitors to Lithuania over the last 10 years my friend Terry and I decided we had to pay it a visit, if only to refresh ourselves with some Švyturys beer.

So after having a coffee in award-winning coffee shop Bellissimo round the corner we went for some lunch.

We were made very welcome and despite my rusty Lithuanian (it’s been almost two years since I last went to Lithuania) it was nice to hear it spoken again and on the radio in the background.

P1030608There is a comprehensive menu in Lithuanian and English with all the food we were familiar with from Lithuania including Cepelinai (dumplings shaped like and named after Zeppelins but officially re-named – to get rid of words of foreign origin – as didžkukuliai).

My friend Terry chose a chicken salad and I had Balandėliai, cabbage leaves with a meat filling accompanied by mashed potato.

There was some delicious Lithuanian bread which we also had fried with cheese to accompany our Lithuanian beer, which was P1030607Švyturys Extra for Terry and a Švyturys Baltas for me.

We were the only customers on a Friday lunchtime but were told it is busier at the weekend.

So a nice surprise and and an enjoyable meal bringing back memories of our times in Vilnius and Kaunas.

The food is similar in many ways to what they eat in Ukraine, for example my dish translates as dove and is the same in Ukrainian (голуб) as it looks like a bird with folded wings. It is also used in Lithuania to describe a couple who are acting like love-birds!

Anyway we plan to take our Ukrainian friends there next time we see them.

For further information on aspects of Lithuania see Man Patinka Lietuva


3 thoughts on “Labas Burnley – a taste of Lithuania in Lancashire

  1. karolinati says:

    Hey! I am originally from Kaunas. It is so nice that you keep coming to Lithuania! I love to read your thoughts about Lithuanian food.

    By the way, the beer is the best. Cepelinai even better… When I go back home to Lithuania, it is a must to eat them. 🙂

    It is nice to read your posts. Will be waiting for some more. If you have any questions for some more nice places, it would be my pleasure to give you some advice.

    Loved your blog!

    • info4u2bu says:

      Aciu Karolina

      Thanks for your comments. I spent 5 weeks in Kaunas a few years ago at the university on a culture and language course and had a great time. Been back a couple of times since but usually go to Vilnius where my colleague and I have done work at several universities. We also made a trip to Šiauliai which didn’t end well as our car was hit by a 50 ton truck and was a write-off Fortunately we weren’t!
      But we love your country – hence my ManPatinkaLietuva blog. I have loads of material to write about Lithuania but it’s finding the time!

      Thanks again for your interest

      Geriausi linkejimai

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