Tesco focussing on customers

Tesco has been criticised in the past (for the way it treats suppliers for instance) but has been striving to get back in our good books, not  least with community initiatives.

At my local store for example they raised £30,000 for charity last year and make regular donations to food banks as well as providing free fruit for kids (and cutting some kids’ sugary drinks).

Now they’ve gone a step further by inviting regular customers to take part in a Tesco Family event – what used to be called a focus group. We were invited to the store one evening to meet store manager Tom Mollekin and other managers.

After providing refreshments – from Tesco’s Finest range of course – Tom and his team told us about some of the things they were doing, including work educating children about food and its sources.

They then took questions, and criticisms, on everything from the quality of products, prices, store layout, car parking, Costa, the car wash, you name it. They seemed very open to all this and on some suggestions were happy to take immediate action.

They plan to call another meeting in about three months time so we’ll see how they maintain this interaction with their customers.IMG_4994


One thought on “Tesco focussing on customers

  1. kindadukish says:

    Who is that debonair, silver haired gentleman at the back…….Mr Cool!

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