What does it take to be a success as a woman?

woman_shopper_carrying_bags_500_wht_8079Researchers commissioned by House of Fraser found that earning £49,000 a year, having a great sex life and having 500 followers on Instagram were considered indicators of success.

A House of Fraser spokesperson said “The survey has revealed some really fascinating insights into how modern women define success. From financial independence to being a great mum to keeping up with the latest fashions and trends, the research has revealed that British women are more confident than ever”

They’d asked 2,000 working women aged between 18 and 45 how they defined success in the 21st century. Just over 80% of those surveyed thought women were just as successful as men and almost 90% of them described themselves as successful which they began to feel at age 25.

The majority thought they were as successful as their partners whilst 25% thought that they had actually overtaken their partners.

See how you measure up against the findings of how they measured success:

1. Being financially independent

2. Being happy most of the time

3. Being trusted by your friends

4. Being organised and efficient

5. Being a good mum

6. Having a partner who is devoted to you

7. Keeping in good shape

8. Making people laugh

9. Being well read

10. Being in a senior position at work

11. Not creating dramas in your life

12. Being able to do DIY yourself

13. Having travelled the world

14. Being able to lend cash to a friend in need

15. Having a partner who would rather be with you than his friends

16. Looking your best at all times

17. Having an immaculate home

18. Being able to cook with flare

19. Having people compliment you on your style

20. Having a great sex life

21. Going on at least two foreign holidays a year

22. Picking up the bill after lunch with family and friends

23. Going on European mini breaks

24. Throwing great dinner parties

25. Shopping for high end brands

26. Earning more than your partner

27. Earning more than your friends

28. Owning designer shoes and handbags

29. Eating out more than twice a week

30. Driving a better car than your friends

31. Having people ask you where you buy your clothes from

32. Having more than 500 Instagram followers

33. Getting more than 50 likes on your best Facebook posts

34. Following the latest fashions

35. Having more than 300 Facebook friends

A sign of the times? After the first ten or so items it goes downhill for me. Some of the factors identified suggest that they care more about what people think of them than anything else.
Are women becoming more shallow, headstrong or self-obsessed narcissists? What happened to kindness, contributing to the community, making other people happy, caring about other people?

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