British food crimes

The list of what we do to foreign cuisine is endless and now we’re being got at by foreign chefs. Our culinary crimes?chef_stiring_pot_anim_500_wht_6703

  • putting chorizo in pasta
  • tapas being sold as a small portion rather than given free with a drink
  • Substituting cabbage for crispy seaweed
  • putting pineapple on a pizza
  • putting chicken in a pasta
  • pepperoni means pepper not processed meat (See comment on this point which says it doesn’t so my mistake here)
  • serving salad with pasta
  • cooking a risotto like rice pudding
  • spaghetti hoops?
  • balti just means bucket
  • chicken madras is unknown in India

A reader suggested ratatouille and chips!


4 thoughts on “British food crimes

  1. kindadukish says:

    You missed ratatouille and chips!

  2. markpnagle says:

    pepperoni is an american processed meat, supposedly a poor copy from soppressata piccante. Never come across it in any country meaning pepper?? Pepper in Italian is pepe.

  3. mikethepsych says:

    Reblogged this on Mike the Psych's Blog.

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