Huddersfield Train Station…….a model of equality and diversity

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Meet Felix. A cat who has just proven that hard work does pay off.


After five years of service at Huddersfield railway station, Felix has been given a promotion. She’s now been given a proper job title (Senior pest controller at Huddersfield Railway Station), a high-visibility vest and a name badge.

The exciting news came last week when Transpennine Express decided to reward the feline for her service to the network. Pictures of the promotion were posted to her very own Facebook page and she can be seen proudly flaunting her new jacket and new job title.

In just a week, Felix’s Facebook page has got over 1,500 likes, adding to the 8,500 likes she has from fans all over the world.

The station even has its own catflap at the ticket barriers so Felix can move around whenever she wants. Felix was first brought to the station at just nine weeks old…

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