Food trends for 2016

coffee_table_talk_PA_150_wht_6082at least according to William Sitwell in the Times 2

You need to read the article to get the full flavour but here’s the skinny:

  • An end to tipping. A trend starting in tip-crazy America
  • Eat purple food which contains anthocyanins. You can get purple carrots, cauliflower, potatoes and yams.
  • Music-inspired restaurants. A thrash metal inspired restaurant has already opened up in London. So what you  might think. Punk next where you’re allowed to spit your food out?
  • Gin is big now. Not with a splash of tonic and a slice of lemon though. But added to fermented tea along with peppercorns. Remember how butter in tea didn’t last?
  • Vodka is for hipsters. Micro distilleries are on the increase globally. I’ll stick to Stoli and Absolut thanks. At least I know what I’m getting (but I’ve also got Estonian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian vodka in my cupboard).
  • Plates are out and bowls are in. Well have you tried eating soup from a plate?
  • Foodie radio is on the increase apparently if you still listen to the radio. What happened to podcasts?
  • Charcoal is the new drink additive. Activated charcoal as used for medical detoxing but not without side effects. You can also buy it in tablet form on the high street.
  • Food fashions go in cycles like everything else so expect to find chicken kiev, prawn cocktails and sardines on toast back on the menu. Of course depending where you live they’ve never gone away.
  • Having your food delivered to your home. Isn’t that what pizza delivery is about? Well it’s probably posher food.

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