The secret to giving the perfect gift

shopping_bag_solid_color_with_presents_1600_wht_7000Psychologists and consumer researchers have come up with some important points about selecting the perfect gift for your loved ones.

  • Choose a gift that reflects you – it will make the recipient feel closer to you
  • Don’t add a secondary i.e. cheaper gift to an expensive one. People average the value so the cheap gift ends up devaluing your main gift.
  • If you are in a romantic relationship choose a gift that reflects your similarity. Men are less tolerant than women in this respect.
  • Don’t spend too much too early in a relationship. If you spend less later you appear mean and then it’s downhill from then on.
  • Don’t give presents that hint or joke that you want to change people. So no deodorant.

And “there appears to be no relationship between the cost of a gift and the extent to which it is liked or preferred” according to psychologist Professor Adrian Furnham writing about the Psychology of Christmas Gift Giving.

Men remember that women are far more tolerant of poorly chosen gifts so don’t get too pessimistic about your relationship if you don’t get what you wanted. And young men often see gifts as “fiscal foreplay” that can make expensive gifts seem like a sexual bribes.

All I want for Christmas…….





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