Dunham Massey………beautiful country park

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Dunham Massey is a 300-acre park not far from Altrincham, and a short trip from Manchester, though as wildly removed from the metropolis as one could hope. Once home to the Earl of Stamford, it has been owned by the National Trust since 1976. Its main building, a Grade-I listed Georgian hall, houses a collection of Huguenot silver, rare wood carvings, and a selection of portraits by artists such as Sir Joshua Reynolds and William Beechey, as well as telling the story of the house itself – a tale of scandal, remittance men and bareback circus riding.

But it is in its grounds that one finds the true splendour of Dunham Massey. Inside the estate’s high brick walls, its gardens and parkland splay out around the main house, an array of architectural oddities, rare wildlife and ancient woodland.

It was to this wonderful park that I ventured last Saturday where…

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