Fishy goings-on in restaurant chains

S1032717The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and the website Fish2Fork recently surveys high street restaurant chains about the source of their fish meals.

Bella Italia received the worst rating followed by Chiquito, Frankie & Benny’s and Ask.

Most chain restaurants were serving fish from areas that were overfished or failing to be open about the source of their seafood.

Species such as sea bass, whitebait, cod and king prawns could come from fisheries rated “avoid” by the MCS because of overfishing or significant bycatch of dolphins, sharks, seabirds and seals (See recent post on similar problems with John West tuna).

Bella Italia with over 100 outlets came bottom partly because it ignored the survey and didn’t have any indication of the source of fish on its menus. A spokesman for the restaurant chain and Café Rouge (both part of the Casual Dining Group) said all the fish they served came from sustainable species. Well say so then! In this age of increasing consumer transparency we need to know.

One of the cheapest chains, Table Table, had one of the highest scores proving that serving sustainable fish didn’t have to push up prices.

Pret a Manger received the highest rating.


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