Are we less reliable these days?

your_decision_now_500_wht_12919When we say we’ll do something do we always do it?

I’m wondering after my recent experiences when buying a house with all that entails.

Estate agents are not our favourite occupation I know and when I compare what I paid them to sell my house compared to what my solicitor  charged me it’s money for not doing a lot.

However when I rang them up to make an appointment for a viewing they would confirm by text immediately. Then I’d get an e-mail with further confirmation. And then I’d get a phone call the day before asking me to ring to confirm the appointment. I found this really annoying having already made the appointment by phone and replied to their e-mail.

When I eventually complained and said I had already made and confirmed the appointment they said that they had to do it because so many people made appointments and didn’t turn up.

I then had an appointment at my bank about a financial product I wanted and went through the same rigmarole of text, e-mail and a phone call. When I exasperatingly said I had already confirmed the appointment after making it in the first place I was told that 50% of appointments aren’t kept.

What is going on here? Don’t people value others’ time any more (is it all about them)? Is it payback for poor customer service people receive generally?  Do people have a low opinion of banks and estate agents and don’t believe them worthy of a simple courtesy like turning up for an appointment? (NB The same thing happens with GPs,  dentists and the NHS who I would have thought are in a different category to aforesaid bankers and estate agents).

Of course things happen that might make it impossible to make the appointment but why not just phone and say that? Are people too lazy, can’t be bothered or just lacking the social skills and common sense necessary to meet their obligations?

Please tell me, I don’t understand. It’s rude and discourteous and must be annoying for those waiting for their appointment.


2 thoughts on “Are we less reliable these days?

  1. kindadukish says:

    Don’t get me going on people turning up late to not at all to appointments………….

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