Siesta bars new trend in France for stressed workers

cbkSiesta bars are the new trend in France with establishments opening  across the country.

ZZZen, the first to offer stressed workers a midday nap, charges €12 for a 15-minute micro-siesta and €27 for a 45-minute royal siesta.

A French TV programme, Envoyé Spécial, recently reported that a third of French managers had fallen asleep in meetings and that the nation could benefit from a lunchtime siesta. “Well-being and productivity would benefit if all executives followed this example“.

Le Monde then published an article saying that a siesta reduced stress and dimished sensitivity to pain.

Surprisingly perhaps 17% of French HR Managers thought it was OK for employees to sleep at work and welcomed the development. I’d like to run that by HR managers in the UK!

La sieste is a long-standing French tradition and not restricted, as I thought to Spain and Portugal. Workers used to take 2 hours for lunch and go home for a plate of steak and chips washed down by red wine followed by a nap.  Now, as in most developed countries, the lunch break is a mere 22 minutes on average and the journey to work time around 45 minutes so it’s no longer possible to have that midday energy boost.

Doctors and executives are blaming this for the rise of an irritable and unproductive workforce. The founder of ZZZen discovered this for himself when he worked at an American investment bank in London and enjoyed a sandwich at his desk for lunch.

ZZZen‘s clients include shoppers who want to relax and executives who want to boost their performance.

I think it’s a great idea. Vive La France!

A few years ago (2011) I posted about French lunchtime habits being under attack

You have to feel sorry for the French riot police, the CRS. They’ve been told they can no longer have a glass of wine with their lunch when on duty!

The police union aren’t happy about this attack on a Gallic tradition of having a 1/4 litre of red with their meals. The union is suggesting a very French compromise – having their meals and drink out of sight of the public. Other police departments are watching with more than interest as they fear the same rule will be applied to them.

French employment law prohibits alcohol in the workplace with the exception of, wine, beer, apple or pear cider (so now you know the French definition of alcohol) and police regulations forbid drinking altogether but this has always been officially ignored (and you have to admire the French for their willingness to ignore rules and regulations).

The CRS spend most of their time waiting to deal with riots and see the wine as a convivial tradition. Unfortunately last year riot police were seen drinking beer during demonstrations they were supposed to be policing.


5 thoughts on “Siesta bars new trend in France for stressed workers

  1. kindadukish says:

    You have got to hand it to the “Froggies” when it comes to eating and drinking……………..and I love the definition of “alcohol!”

  2. […] many people have extolled the virtues of day-time naps (not to mention siestas) including famously Winston Churchill, experts are now suggesting that people who do so are at […]

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