The “Tooth Fairy” and inflation…………………

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The tooth fairy is now paying out up to as much as £10 per tooth meaning some children are receiving around £200 for their full set of baby teeth, a survey has found.

Parents are now leaving £5 or £10 notes under their children’s pillows instead of the more traditional coins as youngsters feel the benefits of the economic up-turn. The study found that around one in ten children get £10 per tooth with parents in London likely to pay out the most due to inflation and wage increases.


The survey has revealed the average payments children receive from the tooth fairy across the country, as shown in this graphic above. Parents in London and the south east pay out the most for youngster’s teeth

The average payment from the tooth fairy was found to be £2.10 per tooth – up from £1.50 five years ago. However, tooth fairy payments vary…

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