A brisk walk beats the gym any day

stick_figure_flexing_1600_wht_2005Walking briskly for 30 minutes, five days a week, can lower your bmi by one unit more than average if you are male and by 1.8 units if you are female. And that’s just over a four week period.

Participating in sport also helps but with less improvement for both sexes.

A quarter of British adults are obese i.e. they have a bmi of over 30, and 80%of us are failing to meet the government’s guidelines on exercise with the subsequent impact on NHS services.

In the research walking was compared with cycling, swimming, dancing, jogging, football, rugby, as well as going to the gym, doing heavy housework and shopping and heavy gardening including tree felling.

How do you know what moderate intensity exercise is? You can talk but not sing the words to a song.

  • Don’t exercise immediately after a heavy meal.
  • Gradually build up your pace.
  • Drink water if you’re exercising for more than 30 minutes
  • The NHS recommends topping up walking with two days of strength exercises that work the major muscles.

Check out your local fitness trainers such as Quality for Life fitness


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