Supermarkets still putting profits before your health

j0262899Almost 300,000 people are poisoned very year by contaminated chickens but the supermarkets refuse to put in place measures which would reduce that and the 100 deaths.

And all for 10p a chicken.

Almost a fifth of chickens sold in supermarkets are heavily contaminated by campylobacter.

75% of them tested positive and in 7% of cases the outside of the packaging was infected (something the Food Standards Agency has warned about in respect of using “bags for life” so pack raw foods separately).

Supermarkets are not going to meet the FSA target of reducing the proportion of chickens heavily infected by December.

This is because of the price war and farmers reluctance to stop the practice of thinning out the chicken sheds which involves workers taking out birds so that the others can grow bigger (not doing this would reduce the weight of each bird by a fifth) but in the process carrying infections into the sheds on their boots and machinery. The process also stresses the remaining birds who are then more susceptible to disease. and infection.

Not thinning would halve the infection rate. Only Marks and Spencer and Waitrose have ordered their farmers to stop thinning their chicken houses.


3 thoughts on “Supermarkets still putting profits before your health

  1. kindadukish says:

    The supermarkets need a good clucking!

  2. […] I was impressed by the steps Marks & Spencer (M&S) was making in reducing the number of infected chickens in our supermarkets. […]

  3. […] known to have given supermarkets a kicking in the past for their general customer disservice, putting profits before your health, and price […]

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