iPhone zombies cause of increase in road deaths

walking_while_texting_500_wht_7820Pedestrians failing to look where they are going as they walk along texting and updating their social media and drivers distracted by technology in their cars, have been blamed on the rise in deaths on the roads with an increasing number of pedestrians “failing to look“.

The AA said “one thing we have been worried about is the rise of iPhone zombies. These people have earplugs in or iPhones out. They are listening to music to texting and they are not concentrating on the traffic on the road. Walk down the road and 50% of people are on their phones. One wonders what we did before the mobile phone. Maybe we looked around a bit more

Failing to look properly by all road users was the most frequently reported single contributory factor to a crash (44% of cases). In accidents where pedestrians were killed or injured that figure rose to 59%.

The AA would like road safety to be taught on the national curriculum as “more teenagers die in road accidents than knife crime, HIV or drugs

The Department of Transport said 2014 was the third lowest year on record for road casualties with 45% fewer fatalities (1,775)  than in 2005 although traffic levels were higher. Police have new laws to clamp down on drivers under the influence of drink and drugs and increased penalties for speeding and using mobile phones at the wheel.

I still see drivers using mobile phones often steering through roadworks and round roundabouts at the same time. As for the obsession with smart phones, as I’ve said before – get a life!


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