Teachers can act as traffic wardens

police_officer_writing_on_notepad_1600_wht_13388They are being given new powers to hand out parking tickets to improve safety outside schools.

Thurrock Council in Essex is introducing the scheme at Tilbury Pioneer Academy because of the threat caused by traffic and they don’t employ enough traffic wardens at present.

Volunteers, including parents and school governors, will undergo a week’s training and shadow full-time wardens for a month. They will then get a uniform and ticket machine to patrol outside schools as enforcement officers imposing fines of up to £70 for illegal parking. One parent has already volunteered for the training.

Some people say it will strain relationships between parents and teachers and the teachers union, the NUT, said “teachers have quite enough on their plate without an expectation to take on parking enforcement“.

Having seen the way parents park at first hand, completely oblivious to warning signs and without using any common sense. I applaud the initiative.


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