Social Workers to get an MoT

119460-117532The government plans to introduce an MoT accreditation system to ensure that social workers are doing their jobs properly and are not putting children’s lives at risk. A trial will start before Xmas.

There have been too many examples of children failed by social workers and others who should have intervened e.g. baby P and Daniel Pelka where “no professional tried sufficiently hard to investigate”

Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, has been given the job of raising standards, assessing and licensing those competent enough to pass scrutiny.

The government hopes this will boost public confidence in social workers and raise their status. Too many experienced social workers are leaving the profession and it is only attracting poorly qualified applicants.

A government source said “These are children’s lives we are talking about, so in one sense the stakes are higher than for teachers. It can be a case of life and death. There will be a really rigorous accreditation system, raising the bar of what we expect”

Social workers will not only have to demonstrate sound judgement but also be able to write jargon-free reports and build relationships with families. They will also need to show that they can “act in ways that protect the reputation of the profession“. I hope they also get rid of the liberal PC approach which prevents people intervening because of cultural differences and expectations.

Nicky Morgan said “dedicated and expert social workers changed children’s lives forever “and just as teaching is one of the most admired and respected professions, I want to ensure social work … is held in high regard, known for its high standards, and its focus on expert practice”.


One thought on “Social Workers to get an MoT

  1. kindadukish says:

    Its the training that is the problem, too PC!

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