Young people don’t want to grow up

figure_with_keys_1600_wht_4451Young people don’t feel grown-up until they reach 30 or so according a survey by a life insurance provider.

They are likely to spend their twenties behaving like overgrown kids living at home where they play computer games, watch cartoons and children’s films and allow themselves to be cosseted by their parents.

When asked

  • more than two-thirds said they would only feel like adults when they got their own home.
  • Two thirds also said becoming a parent signifies adulthood.
  • more than half thought getting married gave them adult status.

When they became adults they were looking forward to:

  • having a night in
  • practising DIY skills,
  • becoming house proud,
  • paying into a pension fund,
  • hosting dinner parties, and
  • having a joint bank account.

It’s easy to provide these kind of answers to surveys when the reality is that they’re still living at home either sponging off their parents or being over parented by them. I’m not sure which is worse.

A third said they had been living in the family home longer than they should and 40% of them still felt like children because they relied on their parents.

More than a quarter said they were actually afraid of growing up and taking responsibility.

  • Yet more than 20% said they didn’t want a real job,
  • 20% said they wanted to travel and see the world, and
  • 20% said they admired juvenile role models

Dr Frank Furedi, a sociologist at the University of Kent, said “More adults than ever before are leaving it later in life to move out from the parental home, get married, or have children. This is having a knock-on effect to how old and grown-up people actually perceive themselves to be, which suggests that the old adage of age being but a number is factually true

He said the research showed that what people really believe constitutes being an adult are actually significant life-events that give them adult responsibility. Up to that point they are still perceived as adolescents.

That’s probably because they are behaving like adolescents!

It will be a shock for many when they are on their own in the real world of work and mortgages, childcare and long hours.

And if this research is representative, and from my limited experience with this generation it probably is, then men have only got another eight years before they turn into their dads!


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