Northwest of England has some of the best places to have a family

The best place to start a family in England and Wales is Bollington, near Macclesfield in Cheshire.

The best place to bring up a family is also in Cheshire in a village near Warrington called Higher Whitley.

That’s according to a survey and report by based on information about population density, schools. nurseries & childcare providers, and crime rates.

For example, Bollington boasts four primary schools and good quality childcare (and a decent sandwich shop which I know from personal experience).

It shares with Higher Whitley green space, low crime and activities for growing children.

The survey showed a clear North-South divide with few places in southeast England’s commuter belt in the top 100. When it comes to starting a family eight of the tope ten places were north of the Midlands.

Best places to start a family

  1. pregnant_woman_looking_at_belly_1600_wht_14393Bollington, Cheshire
  2. Mapperley, Nottinghamshire
  3. Packington, Leicestershire
  4. Chorley, Lancashire
  5. Delph, Greater Manchester

Best places to bring up a family

  1. stick_figure_family_portrait_1600_wht_2962Higher Whitley, Cheshire
  2. Durley, Hampshire
  3. Brentwood, Essex
  4. Croxley Green, Herfordshire
  5. Altrincham, Greater Manchester

Places like Tunbridge Wells, often considered a desirable location, is let down by its schools; Redgate has good schools but lacks amenities, and Stratford-on-Avon is let down by a lack of childcare.

According to a Bank of Scotland survey Orkney is the best place to bring up a family. A bit extreme living there I would have thought


2 thoughts on “Northwest of England has some of the best places to have a family

  1. kindadukish says:

    So what happened to Golcar in that list?

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