Family Fun Day at Loveclough

On Sunday it was Family Fun Day in Loveclough, one of many events run over the Bank Holiday weekend around Burnley with the R & B Festival in Colne and the Canal Festival in Burnley.

Just up the road towards Rawtenstall in the Rossendale valley is the village of Loveclough. With fewer than a thousand residents it nestles in the Pennine Hills and is considered by many a local beauty spot. P1030009P1020983

There was a range of fairground-type amusements, food stalls, wet sponge throwing, a bouncy castle and scary-looking slide (obviously the kids didn’t think so).P1030001P1020994

There was also music from the Artistic Brass BandP1020982 P1030011 and a couple of older guys playing rock ‘n roll whose name I didn’t get.

And again the rain held off.



2 thoughts on “Family Fun Day at Loveclough

  1. kindadukish says:

    Looks like a bit of a hippie gathering to me………..but then it is Loveclough, that home of alternative lifestyles.

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