Burnley Canal Festival

SCAN0155This weekend we had the Burnley Canal Festival centred on the Inn on the Wharf.

In addition to a number of pleasure boats or narrow boats there was an old cargo short boat converted to a museum, The Kennet, which used to travel up and down the Leeds to Liverpool canal.DSC00711


There was also entertainment for visitors. These ranged from fairground rides, a Punch and Judy showDSC00724 much enjoyed by the children and nostalgic parents, DSC00723to performances by the Burnley Silver Alliance Band.DSC00707

There were food stalls, face painting, craft stalls, and canoes for you to try your skills.

DSC00709And many of these were free.DSC00719DSC00713


There was also the opportunity  to travel in a narrow boat up and down the canal for an hour. Our grandson loved this especially when he was allowed to steer and then share a Titanic moment in the prow (if these boats call them that).DSC00725 DSC00727

The weather managed to stay fine and it was a good day out.

The Festival was on for two days and from what I could see as I drove past on the Sunday there were even more boats moored on the canal.

Definitely something for the diary next year.


3 thoughts on “Burnley Canal Festival

  1. kindadukish says:

    The photo of the narrow boat sailing into dark clouds is quite stunning

  2. […] The Bank Holiday weekend has been a popular one for festival organisers around Burnley with the R & B Festival in Colne and the Canal Festival in Burnley. […]

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