More evidence of British parents over-protecting kids

stick_figure_blue_family_umbrella_1600_wht_1884We are more likely to prevent our children from playing or travelling unsupervised than other countries according to research by the Policy Studies Institute at the University of Westminster.

The study of more than 18,000 children, aged from 7 to 15, compared children’s independent mobility in 16 countries and England came 7th behind Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, and Germany.

Fear of traffic was given as the biggest worry as well as fear of strangers.

The Institute Director Ben Shaw said “Allowing children the freedom to get about in their local area unaccompanied by adults has been found to be important for their health and physical, mental, and social development. Yet we have found that children around the world have significant restrictions placed on their freedom to get about – to go to school, to visit friends and to get to places to play

Apart from the fears mentioned above other factors included the child’s gender and whether or not they had a mobile phone.

Although the survey doesn’t explain the results Finland comes head and shoulders above other countries in the importance they place on bringing up children.

In surveys of happiness and work-life balance it’s inevitably the Nordic or Scandinavian countries who come out on top e.g. as the best places to be a mother 


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