Best place in UK to retire?

According to the Pensioners’ Wellbeing Index, which looks at factors such as life expectancy, crime, and healthcare, the Southwest is the place to spend your retirement.

Devon comes top of 20 counties in England and Wales ranked the “safest and nicest” for retirement.

In fact the South West has several placings in the list which is:

1   Devon

2   Dorset

 =3 Powys

=3 Norfolk

5  East Sussex

6  Surrey

7  Gloucestershire

8  West Sussex

9  Suffolk

10 North Yorkshire

There is only one place in the North of England to make the list and that’s in Yorkshire!

So why Devon? It’s mainly rural so less crime. It has an above-average number of health-care workers and men live 19 years longer than average and women 22 years (although Dorset actually has the longest life expectancy).

Christchurch in Dorset also has more pensioners than anywhere else in Britain.


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