Tesco to withdraw some sugary drinks

pop_bottle_soda_1600_wht_6589-2Tesco says it is withdrawing some bestselling children’s drinks in a bid to tackle obesity.

From September they will stop selling cartons of Ribena, Capri-Sun, and Rubicon.

They will however continue to stock bottles of Ribena and fizzy drinks.

Professor of Cardiology Graham MacGregor, who is Chairman of Action on Sugar, said “This is great news and shows that Tesco is taking the issue of sugar in soft drinks seriously. Children should not be drinking sweet soft drinks and parents should make sure they switch to water instead

Major supermarkets say they are reducing the sugar content of own brand drinks after being criticised.

Tesco said “We want to help our customers make healthier choices and that’s why we have pledged to continue to cut sugar from the food and drink on our shelves



One thought on “Tesco to withdraw some sugary drinks

  1. […] At my local store for example they raised £30,000 for charity last year and make regular donations to food banks as well as providing free fruit for kids (and cutting some kids’ sugary drinks). […]

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