7 barmy but brilliant British traditions

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Finnish National Sleepy Head Day sees the last person in the household to wake up has water chucked over them. It sounds crazy, but we Brits are in no position to mock…

If you were last to wake in your household on Monday, just be grateful you don’t live in Finland – unless of course you do, in which case, hard luck. There, the ‘laziest’ person in the house, defined as the one who is last to rise from their slumber, would have a bucket of water poured on them to wake them up in honour of National Sleepy Head Day. Unluckier still, are the late risers who are chucked into a lake, pool or river.

Observed in the Finnish calendar since the Middle Ages, according to tradition, the day marks the Saints of Ephesus who slept in caves for 200 years to hide from persecution from the Roman Emperor Decius.


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