Bored teenagers costing parents a packet during holidays

stick_figure_hitting_beach_ball_1600_wht_8083A survey by the National Citizen Service, a holiday youth programme, found that while younger children looked forward to the Summer holidays teenagers were less thrilled.

Their report goes on to quote figures of up to £4,000 that parents spend tyring to keep their teenage kids happy.

And FYI teenage boredom is expected to reach a peak on August 10th!

The survey found that teenagers expected their parents to spend £300-£400 a week on them during the holidays and some went even higher up to £600.

Give me a break. This generation of narcissistic children need to learn some harsh facts. Not all parentss can afford to spend that kind of money and they need to overcome their sense of entitlement.

60% of teenagers said they would struggle to find things to do and a third rely on their parents to plan their holiday activities.

Most of them expect to spend hours on social media sites – no doubt moaning to their on-line friends about how bored they are.

When asked parents looked back on their first holiday as a teenager without the family was one of the rite of passage for them and wished they had spent more time away from their families. However 50% felt that they were guilty of over-proecting their children.


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