“Healthy” foods can be bad for you

whats_for_dinner_1600_wht_11336An Australian actor, Damon Gameau, conducted an experiment on himself. Over 60 days he ate only foods labelled as healthy.

So he wasn’t consuming cakes and sweets but nevertheless managed to ingest 40 teaspoons of sugar a day.

He didn’t reduce his calorie intake or his exercise regime.

After 18 days he was developing a fatty liver. After 60 days he had Type 2 diabetes.

On day one he decided to start with a healthy breakfast. Special cereals aimed at athletes, apple juice and low fat yoghurt. That was 20 spoonfuls of sugar. Then for lunch he upped that a to 40 spoonfuls by having dried fruit, a juice drink and sesame snaps.

Its well known that many foods sold as healthy are anything but. Low fat or slimmers’  versions usually contain sugar to make up for the reduction in fat which effects the taste.

Based on his experience Gameau made a film called “That sugar Film“(and there’s a book too).51LWS+8hj4L._AA160_

Here’s the trailer for the film:

Scary stuff.


2 thoughts on ““Healthy” foods can be bad for you

  1. It is very helpful information for us, and i really appropriate your efforts for writing such a helpful blog post..

  2. […] And beware foods labelled as healthy – they can contain more calories than the regular version. Harvard School of Public Health found that low-fat diets are no better for longterm weight loss than high-fat ones. (See “Healthy foods can be bad for you“) […]

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