Driving hazards

texting_behind_the_wheel_1600_wht_10007You may have read about the women driver who was fined for eating a banana while stuck in a traffic jam.

She had taken both hands off the wheel so wasn’t in control of the vehicle according to the police. So points on her licence or a safe driving course.

I’ve posted before about the hazards of using a phone or texting when driving and the government’s intention to clamp down.

france_flag_prespective_1600_wht_1519Well in France they already have.

Motorists and cyclists can receive an on-the-spot fine of 135 euros (£96) if caught wearing headphones, including hands-free phone kits, eating at the wheel, playing music too loudly, or applying make-up – even if stationary.

They are trying to reduce the number of deaths (over 3,000 a year) due to drivers being distracted in these ways. Britain has about half that number each year.



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