Women wearing new clothes only once

CNV00018Modern women are adopting a “wear it once” approach to their wardrobes.

A survey found that the majority of garments were worn just 7 times and a third of the 2,000 women surveyed thought heir clothes were old when they’d worn them fewer than 3 times!

This will come as a shock to men some of whom are still wearing clothes from their college days.

Women spend an average of £64 a month on clothes and made purchases avery 89 days on average.

Almost half of the women said they didn’t wear new clothes more often because their weight had changed and a quarter because they had bought the clothes on a whim.

14% blamed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for allowing their pictures to be tagged and being seen in the same clothes twice was a no-no.

Dresses are the garments most likely to only have one outing, especially if bought for a wedding or a holiday.

The research was carried out for the charity Barnado’s whose spokesperson said “We’re all guilty of wearing an outfit a few times and then forgetting about it but we were surprised to find the average woman’s wardrobe had at least ten items that will never be worn again.

That’s why we’ve launched the #MyBarbadosDonation campaign to encourage women across the UK to donate those unworn items to our stores which we hope will generate over £100,000 of clothing donations.

So this Saturday instead of shopping for another outfit we’re asking people to go through their wardrobe and put those items they no longer wear to good use by donating them to Barnardo’s

And believe me slimming down your wardrobe is good for you!


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