Own brand foods doing well at discounters

gold_medal_award_first_place_1600_wht_3719In the Own Label Food & Drinks Survey run by the Grocer magazine, which tests over 1,000 products, Aldi and Lidl beat some of the established big supermarkets. Only ASDA performed as well.

Aldi and Lidl both won 18 gold medals.

The food is judged by both shoppers and a panel of judges.

Aldi’s prizes were for its specially selected vine tomato and lentil soup, Moser Roth Madagascan vanilla chocolate, specially selected continental plum crumble tart, and balsamic vinegar.

Lidl won gold for its seeded haddock fillets, hot smoked salmon fillet with black pepper, and its steak and ale pie.

Iceland won 2 gold medals for its ultra-thin meat feast pizza made in Italy and for its duck spring rolls.

Costcutter won a gold for its specialist Thai sweet chilli crisps.

Spar won one for its packs of mixed olives with chilli.

Of the big stores Marks and Spencer won 8 golds; Sainsbury’s won nothing.

On that last point I’m not surprised. I recently went in Sainsbury’s looking for some cranberry juice and they only had own brand made from concentrate and their freshly squeezed orange juice was tasteless.

The report in the Times doesn’t mention Tesco but I’ve thrown more food away lately including a lasagne and a cheesecake as they were tasteless.


One thought on “Own brand foods doing well at discounters

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