We’re fat but not as fat as euro neighbours

stick_figure_overweight_scale_1600_wht_3853We know obesity is a problem in the UK but apparently we’re not as bad as our European neighbours. And I’m not talking about fat-cat euro politicians with their unaudited expense accounts!

Projections by the WHO suggest that by 2030 men in Ireland will be the fattest with Spain, Greece, Czech Republic and Poland overtaking Britain.

For women it’s Belgium (perhaps all that lovely chocolate) followed by Bulgaria and Turkey.

Netherlands is the only country to show a decline with only 8% of men likely to be obese. It’s not that they eat more healthily than us but they do take more exercise with only 1 in 5 not taking enough compared to 2/3 of Brits. They also use bicycles for 25% of their journeys compared to only 2% in Britain (to be fair there are no hills in the Netherlands).

In Britain 75% of men and 1/3 of all adults will be overweight as middle-aged people ignore pleas to eat more healthily.

In 2010 70% of men and 59% of women were overweight (as defined by a bmi of over 25). If you are a man 5′ 10″ tall that means you are over15 stones and if you’re a woman 5’4″ tall that means over 12 stone 7 lbs.

The National Obesity forum is urging the government to take action against the food and drink industry as cajoling hasn’t worked.

They say the NHS will collapse under the cost of treating diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other diseases linked to obesity.


One thought on “We’re fat but not as fat as euro neighbours

  1. […] Europe as a whole drinks and smokes more than any other part of the world and only America is fatter. (Although England is slightly better than its european neighbours in that regard) […]

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