New Year’s been and gone and you’re still fighting the flab?

coffee_table_talk_PA_500_wht_6082Tried a diet? Useless according to NHS watchdog NICE. (And we know from masses of research that diets only work for 10% of people who go on them).

So what’s to blame (apart from lack of exercise)?

Well the coffee culture has a lot to answer for apparently.  People drink more elaborate coffees (you with the syrup and the whipped cream for example) and have cakes on the side. Lots and lots of calories.

TV also takes some of the blame. Watching for 2 hours a day should be the limit before you become a couch potato.

Professor Susan Jeb from Oxford, who led the advice, wants us to have a less sedentary lifestyle e.g. not taking the lift instead of the stairs even to go up one floor in the supermarket; standing up when we answer the phone; having a TV-free day.

And don’t believe fruit juice is necessarily healthy for you; parents eating meals with their kids and making sure they get enough sleep are other ways to enjoy a healthy life-style.

Health bosses have announced plans for GPs to seek out the obese and put them on diet, cookery, and exercise plans to prevent them getting diabetes which costs the NHS £10 billion a year.



One thought on “New Year’s been and gone and you’re still fighting the flab?

  1. kindadukish says:

    Coffee with syrup…………take that person out and beat them within an inch of their life for corrupting a wonderful drink

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