Adultery in fashion in UK

lips_kiss_imprint_1600_wht_10951An American dating website, Ashley Madison, which specialises in extra-marital affairs, says it has signed up more than 1 million Brits since it launched its site here in 2010.

The site’s motto is “Life is short. Have an affair“.

Along with Australians and Canadians, British adults were the ones most likely to indulge in adultery rather than the United States or Latin America.

The site owner, Noel Biderman, thinks that infidelity among prominent members of society including the Royal Family might have made it more acceptable.

According to the website, which operates in 45 countries and has 32 million members (despite free opposition from the Tinder app with 30 million members):

  • Women aged between 18 and 39 are more likely to be looking for an affair
  • For over-40s it is men who are more adulterous (other research says men are more likely to be unfaithful when they reach a “milestone age

New customers often start by being curious and 10% say they just want to meet online. Within 3 days 80% change that to say they are open to meeting offline.

Research at Oxford university suggests that men and women can be equally promiscuous; 57% of men and 47% of women.


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